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Zeta’s platform and data empower many of the world’s largest consumer brands to acquire, grow and retain their customers at a lower cost than they can without us.

Zeta is a leading omnichannel data-driven cloud platform that provides enterprises with consumer intelligence and marketing automation software. We empower our customers to target, connect and engage consumers through software that delivers personalized marketing across all addressable channels, including email, social media, web, chat, connected TV, and video, among others.

We believe our actionable insights derived from consumer intent enable our customers to acquire, grow and retain consumer relationships more efficiently and effectively than the alternative solutions available in the market.

WhatCounts Acquisition Clarification

On March 1, 2023, Zeta entered into an agreement to purchase certain assets of WhatCounts, Inc., including customer contracts, technology assets, and certain employees.

In 1Q’23, the acquisition accounted for approximately $0.8 million of revenue, accounting for one-half of a point of year-over-year revenue growth in the quarter. Our organic growth, excluding the acquisition, was greater than 24% year-over-year. For FY’23, we expect the WhatCounts contribution to be less than $4 million for the remainder of the year due to known expiration and termination of significant customer contracts.

The primary purpose of the WhatCounts acquisition was to acquire technology assets and certain employees. We believe we can get significant synergies from integrating their Email Service Platform (“ESP”). In doing so, we think we can take their current customers as well as our existing customers and get them to be more significant over time.

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